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Hi! My name is Angela & I have been practicing psychotherapy for the last 12 years. I use an eclectic approach in my therapeutic interventions, as I believe that each individual is unique & deserves to have their personal issues/concerns treated in a way that will best fit those unique needs.

I have a broad range of expertise & specializations, ranging from Depression/Anxiety, substance abuse/addiction, children & family services, co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis and severe psychopathology.

I am extremely personable & easy to talk with. I understand that confronting one’s troubles can be extremely difficult & can bring up unwanted feelings & memories.

My mission is to provide a safe, comfortable & trustworthy space & relationship where we can work as a TEAM & bring you back to the state of well-being that you desire & DESERVE. YOU ARE WORTH IT….I will dedicate my time to ensuring that you leave each therapeutic session feeling & BELIEVING that you truly are WORTH IT. I believe in you & look forward to helping my clients not just reach but surpass and crush their goals. Reach out if you’re ready to live the life you’ve always deserved.